Investment & Return

Successful lives build strong communities.

 – Jennifer Briggs, Briggs & Associates

Services through Briggs & Associates are of no cost to people receiving support or to their employers.

• Quality dedicated employees
• Assistance in training and development
• Reduced turnover
• Allotted tax credits
• Opportunity to be involved in a meaningful community leadership role
• Improved public relations and image
• Enhanced team attitude
• Improved staff/co-worker communication
• Enhanced employee morale

Over 100,000 people with disabilities have entered the workforce around the United States through programs like Briggs & Associates. These employees have enjoyed the natural rewards from employment including:
• Earning money
• Gaining independence
• Being a contributing part of the community
• Learning new skills
• Improving self-image
• Developing friendships

As an employer, you recognize the frustration and expense of: continual interviewing, hiring, training, and high turnover.

Briggs & Associates matches the abilities of people with disabilities to real jobs, then provides the support and training needed to ensure success for both the employee and employer. Briggs & Associates provides comprehensive employment services for any individual who may require non-traditional support and/or entry into the workplace.

There is no cost for our services. It only takes a willingness to make a difference. We partner with state, local, non-profit and private groups for resources. Studies found that for every dollar used to fund supported employment, taxpayers receive one and one-half times back in the form of taxes paid. In these respects, supported employment is the best investment for taxpayers.